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You could sell the car yourself. It takes time to load the details online, field calls, emails and texts from tyre kickers and hope for a good offer. While waiting to sell you need to keep the car clean, give up your time to wait for buyers to turn up, and if you happen to close a sale trust that the money has been transferred. And then there's all the paperwork...

You could sell your car to a dealership but it’s a complicated process. They need appraisals, they’ll deliberately make it difficult and draw the process out. Dealers low ball their valuations and because they aren't trading significant numbers of vehicles every day they don't know the market. How do you know you’re getting the right price?

Don't go through the hassle…sell to Buy On The Spot. The BOTS Auto team are professional and efficient. But don't take us at our word, read what our other happy sellers say.

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